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  1. Trying to use your contact page but getting all kinds of errors when hitting send/submit

    Hey Blondie, Dean or whoever is not out at Recess right now,

    I’m the founder of Recess At Work Day featured in your strip today.

    How about sending me a signed copy?

    Rich DiGirolamo
    POB 584
    Marion CT 06444

    @richdigirolamo @recessatwork

  2. Here’s a test to see if anyone reads these comments… There is a typo in the list of links to archived strips under “Today’s Strip”. February 22, 2010 has a link where the month name is not spelled correctly, and leads to an “not found” error. It’s been there for some time.

  3. I don’t remember the dog’s name and I have no idea which one of you guys is responsible for his presence in the strip but without a doubt I think he is a major player in the overall ambiance that makes Blondie a true work of art.

    • The dog’s name is “Daisy.” I agree she is an integral part of the strip. She used to have 5 lively puppies. I wonder what happened to them? I’m sure Blondie saw to it that they went to a good home.

  4. Been reading Blondie for more than 70 years. in my youth I worked for one of the largest home news delivery companies in NJ. So I can proudly say I delivered Blondie to thousands of children of all ages, in my 8th grade and High School years. What a wonderful tradition, actually inspiring, reminding one not to eat too much or sleep too much. Just enjoy life as it goes along. Bravo and thank you for this all time wonder.

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