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  1. Trying to use your contact page but getting all kinds of errors when hitting send/submit

    Hey Blondie, Dean or whoever is not out at Recess right now,

    I’m the founder of Recess At Work Day featured in your strip today.

    How about sending me a signed copy?

    Rich DiGirolamo
    POB 584
    Marion CT 06444

    @richdigirolamo @recessatwork

  2. Here’s a test to see if anyone reads these comments… There is a typo in the list of links to archived strips under “Today’s Strip”. February 22, 2010 has a link where the month name is not spelled correctly, and leads to an “not found” error. It’s been there for some time.

  3. I don’t remember the dog’s name and I have no idea which one of you guys is responsible for his presence in the strip but without a doubt I think he is a major player in the overall ambiance that makes Blondie a true work of art.

    • The dog’s name is “Daisy.” I agree she is an integral part of the strip. She used to have 5 lively puppies. I wonder what happened to them? I’m sure Blondie saw to it that they went to a good home.

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