Elberta Sausage Fest goes global on funny pages, thanks to ‘Blondie’

A small-town Alabama festival received some big-time attention Tuesday when the long-running “Blondie” comic strip mentioned the Elberta German Sausage Festival.

In the comic strip, Blondie’s husband Dagwood Bumstead is having some Wi-Fi signal issues and is using his neighbor and best friend Herb’s connection. “Won’t that interfere with his computer?” Blondie asks. “Nah…I doubt it,” Dagwood replies, as he taps away on the keyboard. Meanwhile, Herb has his arms out questioning, “Oh Brother! Why am I getting all these pop-ups from the ‘Elberta, Alabama Sausage Festival’?!!”

Frank Cummings 1959 – 2014

Franks Tribute webIt is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague Frank Cummings. In 2004, Frank was hired by King Features Syndicate and Blondie, to be the assistant artist (to head artist John Marshall) on Blondie. He will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.

R-J survey: ‘Blondie,’ ‘Garfield,’ ‘Family Circus’ most popular comics


“Las Vegas Review comic poll readers voted

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What do a blonde with a sandwich-loving husband, an overweight cat with an attitude and a suburban family of six have in common?

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