The Family

Click to enlargeBeautiful wife of Dagwood Bumstead. Her great looks serve as validation for Dagwood to operate without all his oars in the water. She is warm, gentle, sweet, loving…and all Dagwood’s. She owns and operates her own business: “Blondie’s Catering Serice.” Her own brand of unique logic can solve problems that might confound the most brilliant scholar.



dag-bustSurely, the greatest victim of circumstance the world has ever known. He loves food, sleep, baths…and most of all, his wife and children. His chronic problems are running into the mailman and getting to work on time. He is not above defending a principle or his family with brute force. Is famous for his super-duper sandwiches.



Julius C. Dithers
Click here to enlargeFounder of the J.C. Dithers Construction Company and Dagwood’s irascible boss. A tyrannical dictator who is constantly abusing his employees, verbally and physically. He has ice water in his veins and is certain that the most important quantum in life is “the God Almighty dollar bill!” He is lord and master of all he surveys, with one notable exception…his wife! Deep down inside of him, he claims to have a heart that beats and bleeds for all humanity.


Cora Dithers
Click to enlargeFrumpy wife of Julius Dithers. When riled, is apt to refer to her husband as a short, fat, sawed-off, tin-can Napoleon. She exerts control over her husband in every conceivable way, but primarily by verbal fusillade and the unmitigated violence of her ever-present umbrella. She loves Blondie to pieces and would do anything for her.


Click to enlargeBlondie and Dagwood’s mailman. He always seems to have a trick up his sleeve. Famous for his many collisions with Dagwood.




Click to enlargeBlondie and Dagwood’s teenage son. He resembles Dagwood somewhat in appearance but seems to be more level-headed and stable. He is a star athlete on the high school football and basketball teams.







Herb Woodley

Click to enlargeDagwood’s best friend and next-door neighbor. He finds himself often caught, inexplicably, in the web of Bumstead-inspired plans which have gone astray. He and Dagwood are tuned to the same frequency.




Tootsie Woodley
Click to enlargeBlondie’s best friend, next-door neighbor and business partner. She is an attractive brunette who enjoys doing anything and everything with Blondie, including her partnership in Blondie’s catering service. She and Blondie are able to commiserate together over the zany lifestyles of their husbands.



Lou (counterman)
Click to enlargeOwner of Lou’s Diner, where Dagwood eats his many lunchtime meals. He’s covered in tattoos, always has a toothpick in his mouth and his diner isn’t exactly a 5-star restaurant.




Elmo Tuttle
Click to enlargeThe 5-year-old neighborhood boy who fulfills the child-role character in the comic strip. He is Dagwood’s little pal, as well as his nemesis.





daisy bust web siteThe Bumsteads’ beloved four-legged friend: a loyal pup to the whole family. She loves Dagwood beyond barks and is almost always seen by his side.